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Baronwood Kennels offers an assortment of spacious indoor accommodations and outside runs for dogs of all sizes. Our staff is trained to provide the utmost sanitary environment for your dog or cat. To ensure a soothing atmosphere, music is provided for our guests.

When you must be away, you can trust that your pet will enjoy his "home away from home" in a picturesque country setting. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides the attention and care your pet needs for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Our staff is also trained to maintain the utmost in a sanitary environment for your pet. And the owners Terrie and Brian Bert live on premises which provides your dog, cat, and pets / pet around the clock care and security. You can trust us to provide your pet with the high quality care it deserves because we believe in our motto;  “warm hearts for cold noses."

Each dog has a spacious area inside and large secure exercise area outside the kennel. Each accommodation area has laminated covered panel walls and a raised fold down bed that is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. The kennel is centrally heated and air-conditioned.

Baronwood feeds a high quality dog food dampened with warm water. If you are concerned about a change in diet, you may bring the pet's regular food and we will feed according to your directions. Please bring only an amount appropriate for the stay with us and bring dry food in a resealable container, not the food bag. We provide your dog's food and water dishes.  Back To Top

For the welfare of your pet and others, you are required to bring proof that the following vaccinations given by a licensed veterinarian are current:

Dogs - DHLPP, Nasal Bordatella and Rabies
Cats - FDRC and Rabies

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​Regular Single Occupancy - $26
Double Occupancy - $42.00
Triple Occupancy - $58.00

Single Occupancy - $38.00
Double Occupancy - $58.00
Triple Occupancy - $78.00
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Our cattery is in a separate area of the kennel. Each roomy accommodation has its own litter box and perch for sleeping or playing.

Baronwood feeds a high quality dry cat food. If your cat is normally fed canned cat food or you mix canned with dry food, you may bring its regular food when you check in the cat and we will feed according to your directions. 
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Single Occupancy - $19.00
Double Occupancy - $25.00
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Staying on a monthly basis or for an indefinite period of time requires one-month deposit and payment for each month in advance. 

(Long-term special rates can be arranged)

We encourage you to call ahead for reservations, especially during the winter holidays and the summer season. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Call (314) 838-2021 during our business hours.
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($5.00 for Dogs per session per dog)

Your dog is taken out of his quarters for individual attention in a one on one situation with one of our staff members. Your pet will get treats and quality time and exercise. Some dogs like to play and romp while other enjoy just being petted or held for attention. Regardless, the dogs enjoy playtime immensely.

Baronburger $1.00 Per Snack Time

For lunch or as a special treat, give your dog a Baronburger. The dogs love them as a snack.

For your dog's or cat's comfort, you may rent a sheep-skin type rug laundered and replaced daily.

($3.50 Per Session Per Cat)
Your cat will be taken out of its quarters for individual playtime in a tri-level area with special toys. Your cat will be able to climb and play as it chooses.

Single Occupancy $17.00
Double Occupancy $25.00


($1.00 Per Day Per Pet)
If your pet requires special food that requires special preparation, an extra preparation charge will be added. If your pet requires two or three meals a day, a special feeding charge will be added.  Please package the food in individual packages.

All of the above options are provided at a minimal fee. Please inquire when you make your reservation.
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We invite you to visit our facility Tuesday through Saturday between 10:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. and Saturday between 10:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. We believe that you will like these accommodations for either your dog's or cat's stay away from home.

During the winter holidays and the summer season, our staff is very busy caring for the pets and we ask that you do call for an appointment to visit Baronwood so that we may schedule our manager to give you a tour.

** We firmly believe that pets, which share accommodations, should be from the same home. We do not believe in "roommates" from different homes because we believe it is not a safe practice.
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Military / Police Discount - 10% Discount in either facility
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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
(314) 838-2021

dog kennel in st louis mo

St Louis Dog, Cat, and/or Pet Boarding Kennel Facility in North County Mo
St Louis Kennel Hours
"Our Auntie and Uncle own Baronwood Kennels. We stayed July 17, 18, 19, 20, & 21st. We knew we would get the bestest care because of the new owners,(our auntie & uncle) The staff at Baronwood spoiled us so much. We had another spa day before our mom picked us up. We can't wait to come back!"

Samson, Delilah, & Selena, St Louis Mo  

"Have taken my dogs to Baronwood for years. All my dogs enjoy "their vacation" and have always been happy leaving me for their stay. Highly recommend. (And I am particular!) I feel they give great care to all the animals that board there."
Thank You,
Carolyn Philpot, St Louis Mo

"I always take my dogs to Baronwood - THEY love it, and I feel very secure knowing their doggy hotel stay will be fantastic. 

We've tried other kennels, and Baronwood Kennels is the cleanest and most reliable in the St Louis area."

Thank You,
Sammy, St Louis Mo

"Thanks to Kat and JJ for the great treatment of my dogs while being groomed or nails done. They know my dogs very well. Sometimes my little chihuahua (Samson) can be a little stinker, but he is comfortable with them. Delilah is my little screamer when having nails done, you would think Kat is pulling them out one by one. Selena is my princess and drama queen and can be a little snitty. They know all three of my dogs and handles them as there personality dictates. I am going to board my dogs at Baronwood because I am so comfortable with the staff."

Thank You,
Cheryl Rauch, St Louis Mo
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dog kennel in st louis mo
cat kennel in st louis mo
Boarding Dogs and Cats in St Louis MO
Boarding Hours
Monday - Friday 
8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m. 

Sunday & Major Holidays - Closed

To better serve you, our customers, phones are not answered until 9:00 AM
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